Top 3 Memory Foam Mattress Toppers to Buy

Enhancing the quality of your sleep in terms of comfort and support is no longer a dream with the help of mattress toppers. Although they come in multiples styles and materials, the most popular title goes to the line of memory foam mattress toppers because they are affordable with many benefits.

Perks of a memory foam mattress topper

Memory foam is polyurethane with chemicals added to improve the density, which provides cushioning and support. Choosing the best mattress topper can be a challenge, but it’s worth going through the troubles once you are well-informed about its benefits.

best memory foam mattress topper
A good mattress topper by LUCID

Comfortable for a good rest at night

If you have a too-firm or an aging mattress that offers no support and even causes aches to your body when you wake up, a memory foam topper is the best solution to go.

Another benefit is its ability to contour the figure and regain the original shape after you get up – yes, it’s the ‘memory’ part! It cradles the pressure points like neck and hips, thereby saving them from the pain.

Extend the mattress’ longevity

Despite protection not being the main function of a mattress topper, it can cover up the lumpy and sagging surface until your wallet is ready for a new mattress! 

Reduce movements

Do you shift and thrash in your sleep? Or do you have a restless partner? Memory foam is capable of isolating the motion and preventing it from disturbing you, even if you are back sleeper, stomach or side sleeper.

Nothing is perfect, though, and aside from the benefits we will earn from a memory foam topper, there are cons, too. Fortunately, they aren’t difficult to deal with.

  • Odor: The chemicals used in the manufacturing of memory foam is quite strong, yet no one has proven them to be toxic and harmful. The key to this is keeping your room ventilated and letting the topper air out.
  • Heat: Do you find it hot to sleep sometimes? The material does not release body heat even after you get up, so if you happen to overheat, a breathable topper is a way to go.

The 3 Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress Toppers to Buy

Have the benefits of memory foam convinced you? Are you still confused due to the overwhelming number of products? We have had some highly recommended mattress toppers for you to check out!

Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

the best memory foam mattress topper

2 inches of fiber-fill in a removable and washable quilted cover plus 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam equals a puffy cloud that is remarkable when it comes to comfort. More ideally, it has a 10 years warranty.

This product is one of a kind with a fluffy layer and not a mere topper. The fiber-fill is attached to the gel memory foam so don’t you worry about having your bedding sliding off! Temperature is regulated by the gel tier for a peaceful slumber. 

If you enjoy a warm and pain-free sleep, consider this topper as a top choice. It adds comfort to a lumpy mattress and holds your spine in its natural state.

LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

LINENSPA Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This topper is an alternative solution for an old mattress that won’t cost a small fortune. It’s 2-inch thick, made of memory foam and infused with regulating gel. The purpose of this is to prevent overheating and deliver excellent temperature control.

The material distributes your weight evenly and conforms to the natural curves, and the pressure points will be alleviated. Thus, it’s a good option if you are having problems with your lower back. The only issue is it’s reported to wear out more quickly and the warranty is 3 years, comprehensively.

Lucid 3-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Lucid 3-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

It’s praised as the best in the category of breathable toppers!

Some of the complaints memory foam products receive are related to heat retention because the ventilation isn’t good enough and the heat from your body has nowhere to flow.

We have some good news! That unwanted incident mostly occurs with low-quality items while Lucid 3-inch Ventilated Memory Foam Topper is high-end, designed with numerous holes of even size for ventilation. You won’t be facing any issue about heat regulation with this superstar.

It doesn’t stop there. It integrates natural resistance against dust mites and allergens, irritation isn’t a problem if you choose this topper.

Wrapping it up

Is a memory foam topper worth your money? Is it a smart purchase? We sincerely hope our article provides enough information about the benefits you might gain from this product and our recommendations are to your liking. In conclusion, a topper is a necessary and affordable item for your bedding so don’t hesitate to invest in it, but be wise with your choice!

Best Latex Pillow for Side Sleepers: Which One Provides Value for Money?

Latex pillows are now more popular than ever thanks to the many features they provide to a user. Anyone who is looking to sleep better with the right support of the neck, then a latex pillow is often a top consideration. Having a high-quality latex pillow makes all the difference in having a restful night. We want to look at the best latex pillow for side sleepers to consider for the best sleep. Let us look at the list below.

Sleep Artisan Latex Pillow Adjustable Bed Pillows

Sleep Artisan Latex Pillow

On overall, the pillows come with luxurious soft organic cotton, hemp, and polyester materials blend. As a result, you end up with a nice pillow that always works great to make you feel comfortable. You never have to worry about allergens as these materials help to keep allergies at a minimum.

The best part about this pillow is that it is adjustable. The pillow allows for adjusting the loft depending on your needs. You never have to worry that your pillow feels too flat or too stiff. You can unzip it and add or subtract the fill, depending on how you want it to feel.

The pillows are designed to work great for all sleeping positions. It can now be used by side sleepers, stomach sleepers, or back sleepers. The result is that you get the best support that you need if you want to rest better.


  • It is fully customizable depending on your comfort needs
  • The soft natural latex makes it a comfortable pillow to use
  • It works great for you any sleeping position


  • Pricey for just one pillow

OrganicTextiles All-Natural Latex Pillow with Organic Cotton Outer Covering

All Natural Latex Pillow with Organic Cotton

You will not have to worry about the material used to make the pillow as it is one of the best. It is simply latex that is all about comfort and support. Unlike other materials that might have allergens, that is not something you need to worry about when using this pillow.

This is also a resilient pillow thanks to latex being a strong material. It is also resistant against dust mite and molds. If you end up with molds, we know how that can be bad for your health. You will also love it for not having any other common allergens as compared to some pillows of different materials.

The pillow is also fitted with a quality cotton pillow cover. This should allow the latex pillow to breathe better. When the synthetic fabrics tend to hold on to heat due to poor ventilation, that is not the same with this latex pillow.


  • The latex material is highly comfortable
  • The cotton cover makes the pillow breathable
  • It has the best quality as it does not flatten in a week or so


  • It is not adjustable

SWEESLEEP Medium Soft Natural Talalay Latex Foam Bed Pillow

SWEESLEEP Medium Soft Natural Talalay Latex Foam Bed Pillow

You can never go wrong with a latex pillow in terms of comfort. That is what you get with this model as it has 100% natural latex. Since latex is breathable, you never have to worry about the pillow staying dry and clean for years. Also, the latex pillows will retain their shape for long.

The pillow is also good for those who are allergy sufferers. This is because the core is hypoallergenic. You can now enjoy the best sleep even if you are easily allergic to various materials. Also, the quality pillow cover with 300 thread count is good for comfort.

As for the scent, it gives off the sweet rubbery scent. It is better, unlike other pillows that might have strong smells that make sleeping hard. Well, you might want to give it a few days to breathe before you can start using it.


  • It features a good quality pillow cover
  • It is 100% natural latex
  • The pillow is good for most allergy sufferers


  • It takes time to get rid of the latex smell


It is easy to see that there are several pillows that can be great for side sleepers. The use of latex is good for those who want to enjoy a great time sleeping better without worries of allergens. On overall, latex is good for durability and comfort. That is what you will be getting when you choose any of the pillows mentioned above.