Yoder Pellet Smoker Review

Yoder Pellet Smoker Review

Yoder smokers are some of the top smokers in the industry. It should be the reason they make other competitors work harder to get their smokers equally good. The Yoder products are also synonymous with the best durability and size. It should be more reason to find yourself opting for one right now.

We will look at some of the features that make the smoker stand out and why you should get one for yourself. Let us get into the review.

Key Features

Design and construction

The manufacturer uses a 10-gauge steel metal. With such a heavy gauge material, it is going to last for years to come. With such size and weight of the unit, it might take longer to fully warm up, but it will be worth it. Thicker material will hold the temperature better than when it would have been for thin material.

The hopper on the other hand has a 14-gauge metal. In comparison to other units on the market, you will find that they have thinner metals as compared to this hopper.

Control board

The controller board of this Yoder pellet smoker is designed to be weatherproof. It should be great considering that the smoker will spend most of its life outdoors. The control board allows for granular heat adjustment from 150 to 600 degrees. It has a 5-degree increment to keep the increments small, but better for various applications.

Any other buttons on the control board are easy to identify what they do. As a result, the manual might not be needed all the time you have to use the smoker.


The blower fan of this unit has a rating of 110CFM. With this rating, it is able to direct enough air across the burn pot. This helps to maintain an efficient burn in the smoker. At the same time, it can help create convection heat within the unit’s cooking chamber. As a result, you have better and even cooking across the grate. It is the reason the smoker leaves you with evenly smoked meat.

The hopper

The hopper on the other hand is designed to hold a lot more pellets than other units. For its size, it can hold up to 18 lbs. of pellets. Such a capacity is good for those who need to handle non-attended overnight cooks of their meat. You can still do other things while the meat cooks instead of having to be there the whole time feeding the fire.

The cooking area

Since the smoker comes with two cooking grates, we expect that it will have a good cooking area. For this model, it features a cooking area of 640 square inches. It is a perfect size for those who have to cook for a family of four or more depending on their needs. The large capacity also means you can cook a variety of foods at the same time.

Quality of Smoked Foods

This Yoder pellet smoker stands out for the quality of grilled and smoked foods it can deliver. Such is possible as the unit is properly tuned to deliver on efficient fire and heat consistency required for even cooking. People always share the pictures of foods cooked with this unit and they look delicious.


Cleaning and caring for this unit is not hard. All you will have to do is basic maintenance and this will keep the unit working great for years to come. Since you will be using wood pellets, it is best to scoop the ashes after every use to keep the mess to a minimum. Using a shop vacuum should make it easy and painless to clean.

As for the grates, you will simply use a grill brush to get rid of any remains.


  • Impressive temperature controls for the grill
  • It offers a large cooking capacity
  • It offers a precision temperature controller


  • The heat retention capability could be better


The Yoder pellet smoker is all about giving the user the best cooked and delicious foods. It should be the reason such a smoker is popular among enthusiasts. It is also worth the money spent on it as it provides you with the best durability, easy to use controls, and a large cooking area. With its cooking temperature range, it will be perfect for cooking different types of food.

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